03/12/2015 09:37 EDT | Updated 05/12/2015 05:59 EDT

Montreal-area drug raids lead to 6 arrests

Six people were in court this afternoon facing drug and gun-related charges after police carried out raids yesterday.

The four men and two women are:

- David Castelli, 44

- Shawn Russell, 41

- David Manneh, 35

- Evangeline Tyler Kosowan, 20

- Dean Madden, 51

- Jo-Ann Mardinger, 48

They were charged with drug and weapons possession, and trafficking.

During the raids, police seized guns and ammunition, 70 kilograms of hashish and 500 grams of cocaine.

Police said those who were detained are linked to organized crime and that one of the six suspects is the group's ringleader.

The locations raided included a building on the West Island, which police called a "landmark" in the group's drug distribution network.