03/12/2015 12:55 EDT | Updated 05/12/2015 05:59 EDT

New Brunswick Tories produce second letter from energy firm slamming moratorium

FREDERICTON - The Opposition in New Brunswick has made public another letter from SWN Resources to the provincial government that warns of the impact of a shale gas fracking moratorium.

For the second time this week, the Progressive Conservatives slammed the Liberal government's legislation to stop fracking.

Tory Leader Bruce Fitch distributed to reporters a letter he acquired through a right to information request from SWN Resources that says a moratorium would effectively bring the industry to a halt in the province.

Fitch says the letter dated Oct. 14, 2014, shows that the government misled the public on the impact of a moratorium because at the time, the government was saying the shale gas sector would be able to proceed while it was in place.

Premier Brian Gallant told the legislature the government made clear there could be no fracking of shale gas wells while the moratorium is in place but existing wells, according to the industry, would continue to produce gas.