03/12/2015 01:01 EDT | Updated 03/12/2015 03:59 EDT

Spider-Like Critters Fall From The Ceiling And It's Horrendous

If you can get through this without cringing, you're a stronger person than us.


Someone out there in Mexico City thought it would be a great idea to record thousands of spider-like critters falling from a ceiling on camera. Oh, and not just film it, but later post it on Facebook for thousands of other people to see.

Facebook user Mikel Maas posted this 44-second video of what seems to be arachnids (so, not actual spiders but other joint-legged invertebrate animals), falling from the ceiling of a small shed-like box. One that, incidentally, we hope is uninhabited.

And we're not just talking about some kind of spider rain either — there are serious big patches of these things falling onto the ground.

Watch the full video below:

This video also reminds us of a very similar Vine video of hundreds of little creatures (we assume these may not be spiders either), basically exploding when a brave person decides to touch them. Disgusting.

Now excuse us, we must go wash our bodies 45 times.

h/t Buzzfeed

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