03/13/2015 07:42 EDT | Updated 05/13/2015 05:59 EDT

Andie's All-Stars: Fabrice Vil

In high school, FabriceVil was a skinny, quiet kid who excelled in his school work, but lacked confidence. 

By 29, he had overcome his shyness and was already six years into a lucrative career as a lawyer.

He credits his transformation, in part, to the coaches he had growing up playing basketball in Montreal.

Fabrice Vil is Andie's All-Star for February. 

Vil is using sport to make a difference in his community by training young basketball coaches to be life coaches for students.

The goal is to help students in low-income high schools achieve their full potential.

Vil and a group of six friends co-founded Pour 3 Points in 2011. It started as mentor and tutoring program for youth who seemed disinterested in school.

Today, the organization has moved away from a mentorship model and focuses instead on a two-year apprenticeship program, training young basketball coaches (often university students who get a stipend of $4,500 a year) to be life coaches for students.

Pour 3 Points currently has 12 coaches working with about 150 kids.

The goal for next year is to add another 20 coaches and Vil wants to have 150 coaches being trained under his program by 2019.

Andie's All-Stars, produced by CBC Montreal sports reporter Andie Bennett, shines a light on people making a difference in their community through sport.

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