03/13/2015 12:59 EDT

Target Canada Employees Fundraise To Get Wheelchair For Co-Worker Bradley Goodyear

It's no secret Target Canada employees will soon be out of a job. And while they may have several reasons to be distraught, employees at this St. John's, N.L. store aren't letting the bad news get them down.

Instead, they decided to team up and raise money for a fellow colleague who needs a new wheelchair.

Bradley Goodyear's cerebral palsy requires him to use a motorized wheelchair to get around. For the past 19 months, he's been using an old wheelchair to help him stock shelves at Target, reports The Telegraph. But the wheelchair seems to be at the end of its lifespan.

John Pritchett, the store's team leader, says he's taken note of the wheelchair's several breakdowns.

"One time he had a fire that started in the back of his chair, the motor gave out and it was very dangerous," Pritchett told CBC News.

Pritchett says the idea to fundraise came after news of the layoffs spread.

“We were thinking about what we could do to celebrate our time together, what we could do with the amount of time we have left,” he said.

Goodyear's situation immediately came to mind.

The Target employees decided to start a fundraiser, selling coffee in front of the store and asking for donations online. In less than a month, they raised over $12,000, more than enough for a new wheelchair.

“I was speechless and there were tears on my face for the whole day," Goodyear told The Telegraph, describing how he felt when he realized he could afford a new chair. "They really touched my heart.”

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