Lies You Tell Your Ex (VIDEO)

Even if your life isn't any better now that you're single, you will do anything to make sure you ex believes otherwise.

You'll go out of your way to post sexy selfies or those late night parties on Instagram, or if you are seeing someone new, you'll make sure your Facebook feed is aware of it. And if you're like this ex-couple in the video above, you will lie, lie, and lie until your lies become absolutely unbelievable. Like, oh for example, your new boyfriend's name is Drake.

The two-minute video goes through the honest lies we tell our exes if we ever run into them by accident. We talk about our awesome jobs (even though they're still the same), our new cars (even if we continue relying on public transit) and our new partners (even if they don't exist).

And though some lies might make our lives seem better, lying in general only causes stress and harm to your body, LifeHacker notes. And besides, being truthful will make you the bigger person in the long run.

Watch the video above to see hilarity unfold.

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