03/13/2015 08:45 EDT | Updated 05/13/2015 05:59 EDT

Surrey pursuit sends police officer to hospital

A RCMP officer from Surrey, B.C., was airlifted to hospital after crashing his SUV during a pursuit, Thursday night.

The police SUV crashed down an embankment and into a ditch at 192 Street and 51B Avenue, at approximately 9:00 p.m. PT.

The officer, who is part of the K-9 unit, was taking part in a pursuit of an erratic driver at the time of the crash.

“We received multiple calls regarding an erratic driver. Information that was being told to us is that a driver of the vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed, driving into oncoming traffic and generally driving in a very erratic fashion,” said Sgt. David MacDonald​, with Surrey RCMP.

“We engaged air services, the police helicopter. They located the vehicle and began to follow the vehicle," said MacDonald.

Suspect arrested

"The vehicle went down a dead-end road and the individual driving was taken into custody by police.”

The police got their suspect, but one of the officers responding to the pursuit lost control, crashed, and required medical attention.

“[He was] airlifted to hospital and I’m happy to report he’s subsequently been released,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald said investigators were poring over the scene of the crash to figure out exactly what happened.