03/16/2015 10:40 EDT

Undeniable Denim: Why The Canadian Tuxedo Is Making A Comeback

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There’s no better addition to a spring outfit than denim. It serves so many purposes, and despite a brief misstep in the 1990s, it has yet to steer us wrong. If the last time you threw on a jean jacket was in the days of acid-washing, it’s time to see what new twists are being brought to the world of denim.

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The new double denim

Double denim is back to stay, but it isn’t the casual look of yesteryear. Instead, it’s all about shape and style. Try experimenting with different hues and textures of denim in the same outfit; the same colour from top-to-bottom could threaten to wash out your overall look. The same goes for the cut of the denim; the day of the oversized denim jacket is long past, so buy pieces that compliment your body like any other material would. Tod’s sent a suit down the runway — a cropped straight trouser and a double breasted jacket — for Spring 2015.

Double denim benefits from smart accessorizing: show off some great shoes and a great bag. Think strappy, think structured, and you'll have perfected the new double denim look this season.


The denim dress might be the easiest outfit you may ever own. This season, the dress can be long or short, with or without detailing, and made of light or dark denim. Basically, there’s no real limit to where you can take the basic denim dress, so have fun with it.


Want to jazz up your denim? Think crystals, lace or patches. This season, anything goes when it comes to embellishment. You could let your denim make a statement and keep your accessories simple, or you could, like Dolce & Gabbana, pair embellished jeans with a black, embellished flat.

Fitted, flared and wide-legged

We all went crazy for the boyfriend jean, and this year it’s evolving; now it’s a little slimmer than the original cut. If fitted jeans aren’t your style, then try the reinvented flare with its high-waisted cut, or a wide-legged pair with a pair of platform sandals to match.


Denim pairs beautifully with leather, and we're seeing a lot of it this season. Try a jacket with leather trim, a skirt with leather inserts, or put them together for an outfit for a casual Friday.

Jumpsuits and overalls

These are nothing like the overalls you used to wear back in grade school. Instead, this is the grown-up, easy-to-wear, stylish alternative. Sonia Rykiel’s jumpsuits have a cool-girl vibe that’s easy to take from work to drinks. Just pair them with a strappy sandal, loads of eyeliner, and rock ’n roll hair.


We're back to double denim, but this time take it up a notch by layering more than two pieces. Try a denim waistcoat over a shirt, top it with structured jacket (not your ordinary jean jacket) and a pair of denim culottes.