03/16/2015 02:07 EDT | Updated 03/16/2015 02:59 EDT

How To Open A Beer Bottle With Paper

Hey Canada, hot weather (read: barbecue season) is on its way and with this neat trick, you will never struggle to open a beer bottle in the backyard again.

In the practical video above that you may want to bookmark for future reference, YouTube user Rhys Morgan shows us how to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper in 27 seconds. The trick, which consists of folding the paper and using it as an opener, may be an easier way to open your case of two-fours this summer.

Now, since we like to dig into these kinds of life hacks, we also found this other video of how to open beer bottles with a lighter, and this one that shows us how to crack open the lid with another bottle.

And while you can always stick to a regular beer bottle opener or the side of a table, some of these tricks may work as interesting conversation starters (hey, we'd be impressed!). Oh and after you open your bottle, here's a fun way to keep it cool with science.

Let us know if you have any other beer opening methods in the comments below.

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