03/16/2015 10:30 EDT | Updated 05/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Jahanzeb Malik, accused of terror plot, to stay in detention

Jahanzeb Malik, the Pakistani man accused of plotting bomb attacks in downtown Toronto, will be held in detention until his next deportation hearing next month.

Malik has been in custody since his arrest last week. On Monday he made a brief appearance via video link at a Toronto hearing from jail in Lindsay, Ont.

During the hearing a government representative said little has changed since Malik's arrest on March 9 and that he should continue to be held in custody. 

The Immigration Commission and Refugee agreed to the request. Malik's detention will be reviewed at the next hearing on April 14.

Malik's lawyer said he expects his client will be deported. 

Malik, 33, is a permanent resident who came to Canada as a student more than a decade ago.

It's still not clear why authorities have chosen to deport him rather than charge him criminally.