03/16/2015 04:04 EDT | Updated 03/16/2015 04:59 EDT

A Parent's Salary Is Well Into The Six Figures

A couple and their baby son looking at their household finances
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A couple and their baby son looking at their household finances

No one goes into parenting for the money — that is, the massive amounts of money spent on their children through the years.

A lot of attention has been paid to how much it costs to raise a child until the age of 18 — $245,000USD, according to a CNN report from 2014 — but what about the amount that should be paid out to the people doing all that raising?

In honour of the U.K.'s forthcoming Mother's Day this weekend, floral company Interflora put together a calculator to figure out exactly how much a stay-at-home mother should make, and the average numbers come in at £172,000, which is about $325,000 CDN.

But we say it's time to extend this number beyond moms and include the dads as well, since statistics show there's an increasing number of stay-at-home fathers who would be earning this amount (or more, considering the well-documented gender differences in salaries). The number of same-sex families with children in Canada has also increased. According to the Vanier Institute of the Family, in 2011, stay-at-home dads accounted for 11 per cent of the parents at home in single-earner households.

While recent numbers showed that women still do more housework than men (about 1.5 hours more), the number of hours men spend doing household chores has jumped exponentially in the past decade.

So what exactly is all the "unpaid" work stay-at-home parents can expect to be doing? It's everything from chauffering the kids to cooking the meals. Take a look at the categories Interflora's calculator broke down, and don't forget to try it out for yourself:

  • Chauffer
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    Hours spent driving kids to and from schools, classes, playdates and more can really add up.
  • Teacher
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    School doesn't end when the bell rings — parents often spend time at the end of their days helping their kids with homework, not to mention reading with them and generally instructing them about the world.
  • Head Chef
    Head Chef
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    How's a family supposed to eat without someone doing all the cooking?
  • Psychologist
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    Most parents would likely agree they're more than happy to fulfill this role for their children. That doesn't, however, mean it doesn't take up time.
  • Housekeeper
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    Cleaning up — whether that means doing the dishes, the laundry, the floors, etc. — takes up plenty of time.
  • Personal Assistant
    Personal Assistant
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    This one's a catchall for everything else a parent does — organize birthday parties, set up meetings with friends, schedule in sports and more. This would be the biggest chunk of time, because it's basically never ending.


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