03/16/2015 03:29 EDT | Updated 03/16/2015 03:59 EDT

'Twin Peaks' Return May Not Happen; David Lynch, Showtime Still Talking Contract

That show you like? We're not sure if it's coming back at all.

Is that show you like coming back to television? We're not so sure anymore.

"Twin Peaks" fans were excited when they learned that the bizarre '90s TV series would make its return on Showtime in 2016, 25 years after it aired.

But that return now seems very much in doubt.

David Lynch, in Australia to promote an exhibit of his work titled "Between Two Worlds" at Queensland's Gallery of Modern Art, told the country's ABC network that he is still working on a contract, and has not returned to the show.

It's not the only time that Lynch, who created the series with Mark Frost, raised some doubts about its return.

Alisdair Duncan, a writer for Australia's Pedestrian Daily, tweeted about Lynch's recent Q&A event at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in South Brisbane, where he was quoted saying the following:

Meanwhile, fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks reported that scripts for the revival have been completed, but that contract negotiations "aren't going as expected."

Cinematographer Will McCrabb also tweeted word from a friend working for Lynch, who said that the co-creator would not make his way back to "Twin Peaks."

We hope that Lynch is just doing this as a way to obtain leverage in contract talks.

We can't imagine going back to "Twin Peaks" without this bizarre, creative mind running things behind the scenes (with all due respect to Mark Frost).

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