03/16/2015 12:58 EDT | Updated 05/16/2015 05:59 EDT

York University mulls restarting more classes amid strike

York University’s senate executive will decide Monday whether or not to resume more classes suspended due to a strike by teaching and graduate assistants.

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903’s bargaining units 1 and 3 — which represent teaching assistants, research assistants and graduate assistants — have been on strike since March 2, forcing the suspension of many classes.

Last week, contract faculty represented by Local 3903 agreed to a new labour deal, allowing some of those classes to resume.

York University spokesperson Janice Walls said in an email that the senate executive is weighing its options when it comes to “resuming the balance of suspended classes.”

Walls added that the university is in touch with the provincially appointed mediator, who will advise when the two sides are close enough to return to the bargaining table.

CUPE condemned the idea of resuming more classes in a Monday news release.

"The best way to avoid chaos on campus is not to open classes before the strike ends, but to negotiate a fair deal," the statement said.

The CUPE release said the remaining issues are funding levels for graduate and research assistants, employment equity language for LGBTQ members and tuition indexation — which would ensure if the university raises tuition for LOCAL 3903’s graduate students it also adds the same amount to their compensation.