03/17/2015 02:03 EDT | Updated 05/17/2015 05:12 EDT

Time capsule discovered in Cadboro Bay church

A construction crew at St. George's Anglican Church in Cadboro Bay, Victoria have dug up a piece of the past.

Rev. Richard LeSueur says crews were demolishing the south side of the church facility in order to put in a new addition when they found what appears to be a time capsule.

The glass bottle contained a copy of the Victoria Daily Times (now the Victoria Times Colonist) from April 23, 1951. There were also two worship bulletins, and some coins. 

"We go about our daily lives and suddenly something like this sort of sails into our consciousness and reminds us of another time and another community who preceded us," LeSueur said in an interview with All Points West.

"Somebody put that there, whether it was a community or individual, not knowing who was going to hold it next."

LeSueur said in 1951 Cadboro Bay would have been a farming and cottage community.

He says once the construction is nearly completed, the church may bury the time capsule from 1951 along with a new one, to pass on to future generations.

To hear the full interview with Richard LeSueur, click on the audio labelled: Cadboro Bay church discovers blast from the past.