03/17/2015 05:56 EDT | Updated 03/17/2015 05:59 EDT

Toronto Maple Leafs Movies Capture The Team's Woes On Twitter

Tonight's the night.

With a win against the Buffalo Sabres, the Boston Bruins could officially eliminate the Maple Leafs from playoff contention on Tuesday, The Toronto Star noted.

It would mark the second year in a row the Leafs don't qualify – and their ninth since the 2005 lockout.

This wouldn't be the quickest that the Leafs have been knocked out (they were gone as of March 11 in 1973), but it would be demoralizing all the same.

In the spirit of defeatism, Leafs fans (and others) took to Twitter and mocked the team under the #LeafsAsAMovie hashtag, parodying the titles (and themes) of popular films to summarize the team's struggles.

Here are some of the best ideas we found:

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