03/17/2015 09:49 EDT | Updated 03/18/2015 01:59 EDT

Warren Buffett's Childhood Home Appears On Airbnb

Airbnb is offering a “once-in-lifetime” weekend stay at Warren Buffett’s childhood home, the company announced Tuesday.

But there’s a catch: You have to be a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder.

Instead of a hotel stay during the company’s annual meeting in Omaha, the contest winner will be privy to a “sneak peek” at “where it all began” for Buffett.

And the home-sharing company certainly knows how to sell its contest to those intending to attend an event coined “Woodstock for capitalists.”

“We can assume this is quite possibly the world’s best spot to dream up money-making schemes,” reads a description of the billionaire’s old bedroom.

Take a look inside Buffett's childhood home:

Photo gallery Inside Warrren Buffett's Childhood Home See Gallery

So to recap, you have to be be a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder to be considered. Oh, and a knack for words helps, too.

Keen shareholders will have to craft answer 200-word answers to four question:

(a) What are you most excited to experience in Omaha?

(b) What are you most looking forward to at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting?

(c) What’s your favorite Airbnb experience?

(d) What’s next on your travel bucket list?

The contest comes months after the so-called Oracle of Omaha praised the home-sharing company in a letter to shareholders in January, calling its services “especially helpful” to “those people on a tight budget.”

Buffett moved to the house with his family in 1936 when he was six-years-old. The three-bedroom, two bathroom now belongs to new owners.

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