03/18/2015 06:19 EDT | Updated 05/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Beck Taxi tries out new dispatch systems, sees some delays

Toronto's Beck Taxi is rolling out a new dispatch system that involves the use of tablets in place of traditional radio calls.

A trial run of the new system on Wednesday morning led to many delays for passengers.

The company's operations manager, Kristine Hubbard, told CBC News that the delays weren't related to the new software, but to the employees who are learning how it works.

"It's a huge change for drivers. It's a huge change for the people in our office, some whom have been dispatching on radio with computer assistance for decades. It is changing the way they do their job," she told CBC News.

Several Beck drivers who spoke to CBC News said they will be able to get the hang of the new system fairly quickly.

With the new system, cars will be tracked by GPS and their locations identified in real time.

Beck believes it will lead to drivers spending less time sitting and waiting for calls.

Click on the video to see a full report from the CBC's Kate Adach.