03/18/2015 01:18 EDT | Updated 03/18/2015 02:59 EDT

Brett Ruskin, Global Reporter, Saves Two Pregnant Women In Labour Amid Halifax Snowstorm

They call him the "snow baby whisperer."

Global News reporter Brett Ruskin is being called the "snow baby whisperer" after he helped save two pregnant women who went into labour during a snowstorm in Halifax.

Ruskin was covering the storm Wednesday when he saw emergency crews trying to help an expectant woman who was blocked in by snow from reaching an ambulance, Global reported.

Eventually, she was carried out on a sled.

Ruskin then went back to his vehicle when he heard a second pregnant woman — the first one's next door neighbour, according to him — who was having contractions.

Ruskin tweeted the experience on Wednesday morning.

Ruskin was widely praised on social media for his work assisting the women.

It's often said that reporters shouldn't BE the news. But we're happy to see Brett become a great news story here. Good job!

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