03/18/2015 10:29 EDT | Updated 05/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Co-owners of poisoned dog lash out at Crufts for failing to help with media circus

LONDON - The co-owners of a dog poisoned after appearing at Britain's premier dog show say they are "extremely disappointed" in the way the show's organizers handled events after the dog died.

The dog's breeders in Britain and Belgium acknowledged in a statement that the true facts surrounding the death of the Irish Setter, Jagger, may never be known. But they criticized the Kennel Club, the organizers of the Crufts show, for failing to help them with the "media circus that ensued."

Toxicology tests show Jagger was poisoned with a fast-acting insecticide. The dog died late March 6, a timeframe that rules out the possibility of poisoning at Crufts on March 5.

The Kennel Club on Wednesday defended the organization's handling of the incident, underscoring that they told the owner in Belgium that while it was her decision, she shouldn't take calls from the media if she didn't want to do so.

The club said in a statement that while they were anxious to help them deal with the media intrusion "this will be achieved partly by you withdrawing from any contact with the media or online interaction while we respond to the media on your behalf.' "

Both the families and the club underscored their wish to draw a line under the matter.