03/18/2015 04:04 EDT | Updated 03/18/2015 04:59 EDT

How To Eat Less Sugar

In the nutrition world, sugar is a drug, but if you actually think about all the sugar you eat in a day, you know it's almost possible to quit it all at once.

Luckily for you, the video above by Buzz60 gives us great tips on how to cut back on sugar by finding healthier alternatives. So yes, you can still eat sweets, baked goodies and fulfill that chocolate craving during your mid-day crash, just with an eye towards the sugar content.

The video points out the term "sugar" can also be fudged by using other sugar-related terms. For example, Krystin Goodwin of Buzz60 explains if you see the words fructose, glucose or corn syrup, these are just other names for the white stuff.

The World Health Organization suggests sugar should comprise less than 10 per cent (five, to be ideal) of your daily calorie intake. Another problem is how often we eat sugar without even knowing it. As experts suggests, hidden sugar is found in everything from bread to processed meats.

If you are trying to cut back, the most important thing is understanding what classifies as sugar and reading labels before you buy a product. Watch the video above to find out the smartest (and healthiest) ways to curb your sugar cravings for good.

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