03/18/2015 06:48 EDT | Updated 05/18/2015 05:59 EDT

'Garbage Guy' frustrates Scarborough neighbours

Residents of a Scarborough neighbourhood say they're frustrated with a man who for years has been taking garbage from their bins and spreading it around local parks. 

The culprit is known as Garbage Guy and has been caught on video taking trash from people's cans. 

Neighbours worry it's attracting unwanted wildlife.

"I actually witnessed a coyote walk down and start pacing back and forth on the trail," not far from Highcastle Public School, said resident Nicole Carolan. 

"There's a bunch of kids that keep walking down and that's my biggest concern," she said. 

The man is also alleged to have spread feces around the schoolyard. 

Toronto police confirm they've been called before about this problem.

The man has been charged with mischief and has also been charged under the Environmental Protection Act.

The police mental-health team is involved, and neighbours say they hope the man can get some help.

"This has become a real problem for the people living next door. They can't even use their backyards, they are really in a spot," said resident John Slimkowich.