03/18/2015 06:23 EDT | Updated 05/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Nelson arts council proposes "barge on the beach" floating stage

The Nelson and District Arts Council in B.C. is floating around the idea of building a stage on a lake for theatre productions and music performances.

Executive Director Neil Harrower says there was a floating bandshell at Lakeside Park in the 1960s, and now he'd like to recreate it.

"What we were thinking is like a Bard on the Beach idea — a barge on the beach idea, potentially — where we would have a floating stage that would be permanent and would be available for theatre productions and music throughout the summer months," he told Daybreak South.

Harrower says there are few local venues available for summer performances except for the Capitol Theatre. A floating stage would allow Nelson to host a music festival, such as the jazz festival that happens in Kaslo every year, he said.

Since an amphitheatre already exists at Lakeside Park, and there are pilings driven into the lake, a floating stage isn't hard to envision, Harrower said.

Harrower expects the stage to cost $1.2 million and to take five years to complete. He says he has presented the idea to the city, which "didn't entirely flinch" at the estimated cost, but the proposal is still in the early stage.

To hear the full interview with Neil Harrower, click on the audio labelled: Nelson Arts Council proposes floating stage for local park.