03/18/2015 07:10 EDT | Updated 05/19/2015 05:59 EDT

April Irving, Accused Animal Abuser, Not Allowed To Keep Pets

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - An Alberta woman has lost her appeal of a court order banning her from owning any animals.

April Dawn Irving, who is 55, was in Lethbridge provincial court Wednesday trying to convince a judge to amend her bail conditions on a charge of animal cruelty.

Instead, the judge ruled she can't own, possess or control any animals and he added two more conditions.

The judge said a police officer can go to her property near Milk River during the day to ensure Irving is complying with the order.

He also prohibited her from owning or possessing any firearms and she must surrender any firearms to police within the next 15 days.

Irving was charged after five dogs were found dead on her property near Milk River at the end of January.

The dogs were discovered after 201 neglected animals were seized from Irving's property in December and again in mid-January.

The Alberta SPCA has also laid three charges under the Animal Protection Act against Irving related to the seizure of the dogs.

The SPCA allege Irving either caused or allowed dogs to be in distress and failed to provide them with adequate care.

The Alberta Rescue Crew Society, which helped seize some of the 200 dogs, called it one of the worst cases of neglect ever.

A society spokeswoman said the dogs were emaciated, dehydrated and with badly matted fur. Some had broken bones, gaping wounds and parasites.

The animals are a mix of huskies, Irish wolfhounds, malemutes and Komondors.

Irving is next scheduled to appear in court on April 13.


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