03/19/2015 10:37 EDT

Australian Woman Comes To Canada, Passes Out Drunk, Gets Brutal Frostbite (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

This isn't the kind of souvenir you want to bring home from your trip to Canada.

A self-proclaimed "f**king stupid" Australian tourist fell asleep -- outside -- in the freezing temperatures of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, after a big night of drinking and partying.

The woman identified herself to Mashable as Emma Quirk from New South Wales. Quirk posted an entire gallery to imgur under the name "thebassistsmuse" showing the horrible state of her hands after her late-night blackout.

"I got way too wastey-pants one night in a new town trying to make some friends and settle in. I was blackout drunk by midnight, with no phone, no money and no idea where I was and I couldn't find my way home," wrote Quirk.

She said that she eventually passed out in -30 degrees Celsius weather before being found at 5:45 a.m. curled up outside a nursing home. The next thing she remembered is waking up to a nurse saying she's lucky to keep her hands.

Believe it or not, the name of the specialist looking after her hands was Dr. Friesen -- Quirk spells it as "Freezin."