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How To Save Energy In Your Home For Free

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The first day of spring is imminent, and we're all in the mood to start cleaning our closets, kitchens and getting rid of the dirt that's been lurking around all winter. But spring is also a good time to start reevaluating how we use energy in our homes — especially with warmer weather just around the corner.

U.K. door supplier Vivid Doors has come up with this great infographic on how to save cash on your next energy bill, and the smartest hacks you can do for free. From unplugging appliances to saving water in your toilet to how we wash our laundry, there are little things we can all do in our homes to make more efficient use of energy.

The company's blog has also come up with additional explainers on each tip. For example, defrosting foods before you cook them will not only make them taste better, but you will also save money in the long run.

"Thawing your food instead of cooking from frozen will reduce your cooking time and therefore save more energy. On average, cooking unfrozen food will save you 15 minutes on cooking time," the site notes.

The average Canadian household in 2011 consumed 1,425,185 terajoules of energy in their homes, according to Statistics Canada. This was a four per cent jump from 2007. Of course, in a country like ours, weather plays a huge role on the amount of energy we use in warmer and colder months, and considering how freezing this winter was for much of the country, those numbers have probably jumped too.

But if you're looking for baby steps to not only do the Earth a favour, but be smarter with your money, check out the full infographic and additional spring cleaning tips below.

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