03/19/2015 01:40 EDT | Updated 03/29/2016 09:59 EDT

Fat Burning Foods: What To Eat For A Flatter Stomach

Anyone who has spent hours in the gym without noticing results knows a lean body is made in the kitchen.

Good Housekeeping magazine has published a new list of superfoods targeted towards your spare tire, and the video above explains just how they work. Some keep you fuller for longer, while others prevent bloating or boost your metabolism. The list includes a wide variety of foods, from fibre-rich oatmeal to lean meats and even dairy.

While dairy is often praised for keeping bones strong, it might also help you lose weight. Researchers say calcium plays a part in how fat is broken down and stored. Doctor Eric Braverman, however, warns against dairy foods that are high in both calcium and protein, because of their high levels of fat. He suggests looking to yogurt instead, since it is low in fat.

But you won't sculpt your abs just by eating some yogurt. Nutritionist Monica Reinagel says being active, minimizing stress and getting more sleep can help you lower fat-forming cortisol levels and firm up a flabby tummy.

Watch the video above to find out which surprisingly delicious foods make the list.

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