03/19/2015 02:57 EDT | Updated 03/19/2015 02:59 EDT

Bro Cats Are The Best Cats

When you're in mid chin-up and you need some reassurance from your bro, why not turn to a feline friend?

In this hilariously adorable compilation by The Dodo and Emily Pelleymounter, the video above shows us the perfect reasons why cats make the best companions at the gym, in sports and for overall motivation. Because, let's face it, how awesome is it to get a high-five from your cat after working out? Yeah, we thought so too.

The 39-second clip features cats fist-bumping, chilling by the sidelines and even shooting hoops — yes, this one cat is shooting a miniature basketball into a net from a flight of stairs!

And all you cat lovers will agree that having your furry friend around does make things seem a lot more endurable. So dog lovers, the bar has been set. What can your dog do?

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