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The Hottest Heads Of State List Is Just What It Sounds Like

COLE BURSTON via Getty Images
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses media alongside Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (not pictured) during a joint press conference in Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canda on June 9, 2014. AFP PHOTO/ Cole BURSTON (Photo credit should read Cole Burston/AFP/Getty Images)

When people look at countries, they often rank them based on their visual appeal. The next logical step is to do the same with the people in charge of the country — ranking prime ministers, presidents and queens by “hotness.”

Where would one find such a list? Unsurprisingly, ask, and the Internet will provide The Hottest Heads of State.

So how does Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper compare to his fellow world leaders? In the list of 196 people, he's right smack in the middle at #98 — that’s between the Emperor of Japan (#83) and Pope Francis (#120), among many others. U.S. President Barack Obama comes in at #15, while the top spot goes to Helle Thorning-Schimdt, Prime Minister of Denmark.

But if you think your nation’s leader is “hotter” than the others, the site’s curators, Kate Dobsonand J.D. Dobson are an understanding pair.

“As most people except for you realize, hotness is a subjective quality,” they write on the site. “That said, if you make a convincing enough argument in our “comments” section, we will adjust the rankings.”

J.D. Dobson works for a communications/PR agency, while Kate Dobson was the former assistant comics editor at The Washington Post. The site, obviously, is written entirely tongue-in-cheek, so those bios are for entertainment (albeit of the Jon Stewart sort) purposes only.

Of course, it's not news that politicians would be better looking than the average citizen. As an article in South Source explains, because of the psychological effect of physical attractiveness, they're more likely to be in office in the first place.

“The beautiful-is-good phenomenon is an extension of the halo effect and explains why political candidates are typically physically attractive,” Tamara Avant, Ph.D., department chair for Psychology at South University, Savannah. “People often assume that people who are physically attractive also possess other desirable characteristics, such as being intelligent and friendly.”

You can check out the full list of leaders here.


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