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13 Instagrammers That Show Off Alberta's Breathtaking Scenery

Fortunately for us, there's no shortage of talented photographers to capture Alberta's beauty.

Callum Snape/Instagram

If we could use one word to describe Alberta, it's "magnificent." Whether it's mountains that touch the sky, lakes of stunning blue, or other sights that words just can't do justice, we have many talented photographers who love nothing more than to explore the backroads and mountain tops to find that amazing photo. Check out some of our favourites on Instagram below:

WHO: Chase Teron

WHO: Brooke Willson

WHO: Chloe A. Hibbert

Morants curve + 1 scumbag tree that can't stand up straight

A photo posted by Chloe A. Hibbert ( on

WHO: Ananya Ray

With the amount of warm wether we are having, we might as well call this month juneuary.

A photo posted by ananya ray (@ananya.ray) on

WHO: Chad Larsen and Andrea Halwas

Another lovely weekend in the mountains. #KananaskisCountry #ExploreAlberta

A photo posted by Thirteenth Avenue Photography (@thirteenthavenuephotography) on

WHO: Amanda Richter (Nand)

#tbt to when I photographed the wildfire on the Icefields Parkway last summer. Not only did I have my photos published by various media outlets around the world, but I had two of my photos published on the National Geographic website! Those photos were life changing for me. I used to be extremely shy (I still am somewhat lol) and kept most of my photography to myself, but after Michelle at the @huffingtonpost published my photos, I had enough courage to post them elsewhere which ultimately led to me being contacted by a Nat Geo editor actually requesting me to submit my photos to an assignment that Nat Geo wildfire photographer, Mark Thiessen, had created. What really excites me is that there is a possibility that one of the photos may one day be published in the magazine, 😊 fingers crossed!! I am really eager to get out there next summer and try my hand at this type of photography again.

A photo posted by Amanda Richter (Nand) (@_miss.mandy_) on

WHO: Christy Turner

WHO: Marc Fariaz

WHO: Nigel Midwinter

Upper Johnston Falls.

A photo posted by Nigel Midwinter (@midwinterphoto) on

WHO: Brendan Leong

I can't think of a better life decision.. // #explorecanada #explorealberta

A photo posted by Brendan Leong (@brenleo) on

WHO: Callum Snape

WHO: Paul Zizka

WHO: Jeff Bartlett

Did we miss any? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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