03/20/2015 10:30 EDT | Updated 03/20/2015 10:59 EDT

Cara Delevingne Shows Her Acting Chops In 'Paper Towns' Trailer

Could Cara Delevingne be the next Jennifer Lawrence?

The British model/budding actress is the leading lady in the upcoming film "Paper Towns," the trailer for which was released on Thursday and it's clear that girl's got the chops to be Hollywood's next "It" girl.

The film, which is based off of the novel by John Green (of "The Fault in Our Stars" fame), is a coming-of-age story about the teenager Quentin and his love for his neighbour, Margo, played by Delevingne, who goes missing and leaves clues for Quentin to solve.

Gone are the fabulous Chanel clothes and onesies -- in their place is a ridiculously good-looking Cara, who looks like a down-to-earth teenager in high school wardrobe staples: grey skinny jeans, plain tees, a hoodie and a backpack. (Of course, those eyebrows are still #onfleek.)

Cara has been slowing down her model duties in favour of acting gigs and so far, it's paying off. Not only did the 22-year-old win the Breakthrough Actress award at the ELLE Style Awards 2015 but she already has several movie roles lined up including the highly-anticipated "Suicide Squad."

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