03/20/2015 11:35 EDT | Updated 05/20/2015 05:59 EDT

Carey Price fan sends letter thanking Habs' goalie for selfie

Carey Price's skills on the ice are secondary to his kindness, according to the young boy who had his selfie crashed by the goalie on Saturday night. 

Justin's family travelled to New York to take in a game against the New York Islanders, and naturally took a selfie near the ice to remember the moment. 

That's when his hero ducked in to join the Habs fan and create the memory of a lifetime. 

Justin sent a letter to Price to let the potential Hart Trophy candidate know how much the moment meant to him. 

Global News got their hands on the letter, and it's a truly moving tribute to a boy's hero. 

Justin wrote: 

"This story is not really about me. I am not different from the other millions of fans. This story is about you, and proof that a true hero is not measured in the greatness of his strength, but the strength of his heart.

Carey, the truth is that you were my hero before Saturday night and now it may well be that you become a hero and an inspiration to many other fans who often need to believe in the power of a single moment. A unique moment that I will replay in my head and possibly play again in the heads of every young fan who has the feeling of being part of a selfie."