03/20/2015 12:05 EDT | Updated 03/20/2015 12:59 EDT

Justin Bieber Roast: Juno Artists Weigh In

TORONTO — Had Justin Bieber's roast been held in Canada, the jabs might have been on the lighter side.

With the "Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber'' set to air March 30 on the Comedy Network, The Canadian Press decided to ask artists at the recent Juno Awards what they would have said to the pop superstar.

The answers were typically Canadian, ranging from mildly edgy to downright polite.

Fred Penner, who won children's album of the year: "Remember your childhood, Justin. You're a grown man now, but connect back to those things that were of value to you when you were a child and carry that energy forward. You're not a spoiled little brat, even though people say that. There's a beauty in you that you should use to balance the insanity that's around you. That's hardly a roast, but it's a little advice, perhaps.''

Mac DeMarco, nominee for breakthrough artist of the year: "He gets a DUI, he gets in all this trouble. It's a privilege that he's even allowed to live in the States.... It's like, grow up.... He used to be so cute and now he's just a little brat.... I think he is actually kind of funny — when he's not a brat.''

Mikey Dangerous, nominee for reggae album of the year: "I would just tell Justin Bieber to be more careful — be more careful, because they're watching you.'''

Crystal Shawanda, nominee for aboriginal album of the year: "Just keep chasing the light, buddy.''

Ali Siadat of Mother Mother, nominee for group of the year: "Be free, do your thing, brother. I like you.''

Jasmin Parkin of Mother Mother: "I think he's got a good attitude and I honestly think that we're going to see really good things to come. I think he probably did really well (at the roast). I think he's got a sense of humour.''

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