03/20/2015 08:56 EDT | Updated 05/20/2015 05:59 EDT

Northern Lights Estate in Prince George to become B.C.'s northernmost winery

Northern Lights Estate, located far from the Okanagan's wine country in an industrial area in Prince George, is set to become B.C.'s northernmost winery.

"Initially they suggested that I should seek psychiatric help and once they got over that and saw this guy is actually serious about this, they were very excited," said Pat Bell, the former Liberal MLA behind the project.

Prince George's climate is too cold to grow grapes year round, so the winery will focus on fruit wines made from raspberries, rhubarb, black current, apples, and other produce that already grows in northern B.C.

"The beauty about the fruit wines is the fruit itself comes out first but after that there's other little delicate aspects that come — floral, spicy — that sometimes you don't expect, or you don't think of," said head winemaker Christine Leroux.

"For some people they're more approachable, the fruit wines, and a little bit more diverse in their characteristics compared to grape wines."

The first batch — a blueberry wine — is already fermenting and is expected to be released early this summer.

To hear more from the Northern Lights Estate Winery, click the audio labelled: The Northern Lights Estate to become B.C.'s northernmost winery.