03/21/2015 02:36 EDT | Updated 05/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Quebec's Pierre Cloutier hoofs it to B.C. in 2 horse-drawn wagons

When Pierre Cloutier's longtime girlfriend broke up with him, he decided to leave Quebec and head to British Columbia's Okanagan Valley in the the same way pioneers once travelled west dreaming of a better life.

Cloutier's journey began last November, when he packed all of his worldly possessions into two covered wagons, hitched up his two Belgian horses, and headed west.

"People were leaving the east and they hitched a team … and went west to try and find work, to try and find some gold," Cloutier told Daybreak South while he was in Ogema, Sask.

"So I'm going to the Okanagan Valley to find my gold."

Cloutier, who had been a truck driver in Quebec, says he has wanted to travel ever since his father bought him his first horse when he was 12-years-old.

"I didn't know at that time when it was going to be, or how it was going to be … but life put the puzzle together for me in Quebec," he said.

Thinking that he'd be on his own throughout the trip, Cloutier says he was surprised to find many people welcoming him into their homes as he soldiered on through Canada's harsh winter.

Once he reaches the Okanagan, Cloutier says he will seek out a ranch, settle down and if he's lucky, perhaps find love.

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