03/23/2015 12:26 EDT | Updated 03/23/2015 12:59 EDT

Young Boy With Autism Rescues Injured Man From Snowbank In Nova Scotia (VIDEO)

Chase Faulingham is being hailed a hero.

The five-year-old autistic Nova Scotia boy, who can barely speak, has been lauded after coming to the aid of an injured man obscured behind a snowbank in the Halifax area.

Young Chase was out walking last Thursday with his grandfather, Thomas Murray, who the boy affectionately calls Poppa Jim. The Atlantic provinces have been hit with lots of snow this winter, which has created monstrous snowbanks on the side of the road.

"He heard a noise, and he said stop. So we stopped," said Murray to CTV News Atlantic. "I didn't hear anything. So we took a couple of steps forward, [he said] 'No, Poppa Jim, listen, help.'"

Murray then heard a faint cry coming from behind a high snowbank. The two climbed up, finding a semi-conscious injured man lying in the snow on the other side.

"He wasn't in sight when we were walking down the road, so he must have fell, tripped, or whatever before," said Murray.

Apparently a lot of people put limitations on Chase's abilities because of his autism. His mother, Jamie MacKinnon, hopes this illustrates that autistic kids can do everything non-autistic kids can do.

"When [people] see a special needs child, they seem to put limits on him," MacKinnon says. "It just goes to show that he's a healthy little five-year-old boy."

There has been no information about how the man was injured or what his current condition is.

(Watch the heartwarming video, above.)

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