03/23/2015 12:47 EDT | Updated 05/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Basia Ruta, B.C. local government auditor general, fired

Basia Ruta, B.C.'s auditor general for local government, is being fired from her position, according to Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Coralee Oakes.

Ruta's "obstruction of an intended review of her office has created an intolerable situation," said Oakes, who recommended her removal.

The firing comes a few days after Ruta lashed out against the government for reviewing her work.

Her office was under scrutiny following a workplace review that found employees had concerns about leadership and productivity.

She had only completed two local government audits during the three years the office was in place, and the premier said she was disappointed with the slow pace of work.