03/23/2015 03:01 EDT | Updated 03/23/2015 03:59 EDT

These Duct Tape Heels Are Amazing And Hilarious

Clearly duct tape has plenty of uses.

There's a photo currently circulating the internet that features a person wearing a pair of "heels" made of duct tape (are these Kanye's doing?), and it's pretty hilarious. The shoes, which feature an actual stiletto heel, are fashioned in an open-toe bootie style. And while they may not be the most attractive pair we've ever seen, they're admittedly, pretty trendy.

But just think of how badly they'd hurt to rip off...

This shoe just seems to be the latest #heelconcept floating around, proving that you really can make a pair of shoes out of anything. Or maybe the shoes were just crafted by someone running in a high heel race -- there's really nothing as secure as duct tape.

Whatever the case, the shoes definitely caught our attention!

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