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World's Favourite Beer: Canada Is Bud Country, Apparently

Canadians like to make fun of the beer made by our southern neighbours (we've all heard that gem about why American beer is like sex on the beach), but maybe we do protest too much.

The beer and wine website Vinepair has put out a map of the world’s favourite beers by country, and while many countries proudly wear a homegrown beer brand on the map, Canada doesn't.

Some are fairly guessable: Bud Light wins in the U.S., Corona is tops in Mexico, and Heineken is number one in the Netherlands.

But Canada, a country known for major beer brands like Molson and Labatt, prefers Budweiser.

That’s despite the fact that breweries are booming in Canada, with a 50-per-cent jump in the number of independent brewers, to more than 400, in the past half decade.

To be sure, this isn’t a surprise to the industry. Budweiser’s share of the Canadian beer market climbed to 13 per cent in 2011, the largest it has ever been.

Here are the world’s most popular beers by country.

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