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How To Wear Nude Clothing This Spring

Nude or flesh tones made quite the splash at this year’s award season red carpets.

We saw a number of celebrities embracing the understated shade: Jennifer Aniston wore a nude form-fitting beaded Versace dress at the Oscars and Jennifer Lopez went the fairytale princess route in an A-line nude Elie Saab gown on the same red carpet.

It should come as no surprise that we’re predicting nude as one of the most popular shades for spring.

Consider nude a palette that includes a wide array of tones that run the gamut from chocolate-y brown to champagne to dusty peach. It’s a tricky shade to pull off, but with a few handy style tips, we hope to have everyone embracing their own unique essence with flattering nude pieces.

Ready to get your nude on? Check out our tips on how to wear nude below.

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1. Pair Nudes With Different Complementary Textures And Tones

A head-to-toe nude look can be flattering and a great way to elongate your figure. If you’re wearing separates, it’s a good idea to ensure the pieces you wear have slightly contrasting textures and tones. Play with it, and you’re bound to find a mix that works. Our pick? Lace, jacquard, wool and flesh-toned leather -- it creates an interesting, multi-layered look.

2. Break It Up With Other Neutral Colours

There’s a reason black, grey and navy are called "neutrals"; these versatile colours work with virtually anything you can throw at them, including nude. If you’re hesitant to wear an entirely nude ensemble, break it up with one of our go-to neutrals.

A nude skirt with a navy top or a pair of nude cigarette pants with a black shirt can’t fail, at least from a colour pairing perspective. Nude and white also pair well if you’re going for a look that’s summery and ultra feminine.

Kim Kardashian’s nude top, paired with an elegant black tuxedo jacket and wide leg dress pants is a shining example of how to mix it up with other neutrals and look extremely classy doing it.

3. Pair Nude With Leopard Print

Don’t be alarmed, this pairing actually works in perfect harmony because of the brown tones found in leopard print. Even if you’re just accessorizing with a leopard print tote or flats, you’ll be glad you brought the two together.

If leopard print is too much for you, consider wearing a nude separate or dress with a subtle pattern like “Pretty Little Liars” actress, Lucy Hale who opted for a nude snakeskin dress with long sleeves. The pattern adds just the right amount of visual interest to the outfit.

4. Accessorize With Bold Jewelry

A great styling tip for the ultra feminine shade is to create a little edge with bold contrasting accessories. Leather is always a welcome accessory in the form of an edgy studded purse, sunglasses or a belt. Chunky gold jewelry like bangles, a statement watch or layered necklaces will also elevate your nude outfit, so accessorize accordingly.

5. When Wearing A Nude Dress, Exercise A Little Conservatism

Wearing nude alludes to what you’re hiding underneath, so cutouts, an excessively short hemline or a dress that you have to struggle to squeeze into, isn’t ideal.

Nude tends to work best with more conservative silhouettes, projecting a more elegant image in the process. However, don't be afraid to show a little skin, we're not that and you’ll project a more elegant image in the process. However, don’t be afraid to show a little skin, we’re not that old-fashioned!

6. Get A Little Sun

Whether it’s sunless or otherwise, a little tan complements nude tones. We’re well aware that roasting in the sun isn’t healthy or recommended, but a nude outfit and a tan go together like peas and carrots.

7. When In Doubt, Wear Nude Shoes

If you’ve ever had any doubts about the floral print shoes you’re about to pair with your equally busy outfit, go with a nude shoe. It will anchor the look and pull it together.

Every woman should own a great pair of nude heels or flats that can work with a monochromatic outfit or tone down a busy dress. A pair of nude shoes should be your first foray into the wonderful world of flesh tones.

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