03/23/2015 07:57 EDT | Updated 05/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Regina Humane Society says prognosis for cat with taped paws looking good

REGINA - Humane society officials in Regina say the prognosis for an abused cat found with electrical tape wrapped tightly around its paws is encouraging.

Executive director Lisa Koch (COOK) says the black and white cat, dubbed "Bruce Almighty" by rescue officers, may lose some toes off both front paws.

Officials had feared one or more of the feline's legs would have to be amputated due to tissue damage and infection from the tape cutting off blood circulation.

Koch says they will consult with Western Veterinary College in Saskatoon to determine the next steps.

She says the support and financial contributions for Bruce Almighty has been amazing.

The humane society had hoped to raise $5,000 with a campaign on gofundme.com to cover treatment costs, but as of Monday, nearly $15,000 had been donated.

Koch says they've gotten many calls from people wanting to adopt the cat.

She says it's hoped Bruce Almight will recover and can be adopted by a loving family.

"It's really overwhelming, both the amount of money that's been raised to help Bruce Almighty as well as the other animals that arrive at the humane society in need, but also the well wishes from people all over the world who are really rallying around this cat," Koch said Monday.

Any money not used for the cat's treatment will go towards helping other shelter animals, she said.

Someone called the humane society last Wednesday when they saw the cat taped up.

"He had really had struggled to survive until they found him and, literally, he did collapse in their arms when they picked him up,'' Koch said last week. She said the cat even purred as his paws were freed from the bands.

The society is asking anyone who knows anything about the act of cruelty to call its office.