03/23/2015 09:21 EDT | Updated 03/23/2015 09:59 EDT

Fredericton Road Rage Caught On Camera (VIDEO)


Some major road rage against a father -- with his children in the back seat of the car -- has been caught on camera.

Iain MacDonald, a senior broadcast technologist at CBC, was going "into town" with his kids in Fredericton, New Brunswick when the incident occurred.

MacDonald's very polite Canadian reaction pales in comparison to the other driver's anger.

Here's how it unfolded according to a Facebook post by MacDonald:

Pulled onto hanwell road heading to town with the kids in the car. Honda Civic License GUB 576 pulls up behind me... pulls out to pass (crosses double line) into ONCOMING TRAFFIC, pushing at least 3 cars onto the dirt shoulder of the road. Blocks Hanwell road, gets out of his car, comes running at my car, screaming. I back up a bit, go around him, and keep driving to town. As I drive by him, he slams his fist onto my rear fender - pretty hard. Guys, I drive a Kia. These things ARE NOT designed to withstand pedestrial-attacks! Other cars have to violently slam on their brakes since he's still stopped on the highway running around. Anyway, he passes some other cars that get between his Civic and myself on the way into town. Rides my bumper all the way (10 minutes-12km). We hit a red light on Smythe street. He again jumps out of his car at the red light, runs towards my car, slams the back with his fist. Light turns green, I proceed. He runs back to his car, chases towards me again, and follows me onto Priestman Street. He passes me on Priestman (don't think we can legally pass other cars on Priestman St right?), then proceeds to block any way for me to get by. He makes several attempts to hit my car with his (seen in the video). So I've backed up as far as I can because now there is another car behind me. He approaches the car.

What happened next is in the video, shot by MacDonald's car passenger:

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