03/24/2015 06:36 EDT | Updated 05/24/2015 05:59 EDT

Central Tech field development expected to be approved by OMB

After a year of fierce debate over what to do with an Annex-area school's track and field, an agreement over the Central Technical School's proposed dome goes to the Ontario Municipal Board for a hearing Tuesday morning.

It signals the final agreements on a plan that will end a lengthy period in which the Harbord and Bathurst field was closed off to the public.

An agreement on the proposal was reached between the community and the Toronto District School Board using a mediator. The process looked at all elements, including the new turf field, a winter dome, traffic and parking concerns and community access.

There were seven parties involved.

The OMB is expected to sign off on the agreement.

The school's field will be replaced with artificial turf and, in the winter months, will be covered by a temporary dome. 

The dome will be smaller than originally proposed by the developer, whose plan for a large dome — which included a running track — was met with stiff resistance from area residents.