03/24/2015 09:18 EDT | Updated 03/24/2015 10:59 EDT

10 Common Items That Are Poisonous To Your Pets via Getty Images
Cropped shot of a vet trying to listen to a bulldog puppy's heartbeat

Now that spring cleaning is in full effect, you might want to take a minute to pitch some products that are harmful to your precious pets.

Like babies and toddlers, pets are very curious, so help keep them safe by pet-proofing your home. Clear out those nasty pest control products, store toxic plants out of reach and put away those prescriptions (even if they're from the vet).

Pet medical insurance provider, Trupanion says they have processed thousands of claims involving pets who had run-ins with household cleaning products. To help you combat these terrifying toxins, Trupanion is sharing the 10 most common pet poisons you probably have hanging around at home.

And if your animal companion has already gotten into the not-so-goods, act fast. The SPCA says even when poisoned, some animals may appear normal, despite suffering internal effects.

Here are 10 products you'll want to keep away from your furry friends:

Spring Cleaning For Your Pet