03/24/2015 08:34 EDT | Updated 05/24/2015 05:59 EDT

RDP-Point-aux-Trembles composting plant approval worries businesses

Montreal city council has unanimously approved a new composting centre located in the Rivière-des-Prairies—Point-aux-Trembles borough at the intersection of Highway 40 and St-Jean Baptiste Boulevard.

- Montreal's newest composting centre will be in RDP-Point-aux-Trembles 

But not everyone is happy about it.

Two business owners in the area say the plant will have a major impact on their businesses.

Jacques Beaudry is a food wholesaler who operates near the proposed site.

He said he sells odour-sensitive products, like chocolate and cigarettes, and having a composting centre next door could seriously jeopardize sales.

“The compost centre for me, for my family, is a threat to our business,” said Beaudry.

Beaudry says he understands the plant has to go somewhere, but says he has 240 employees to think about.

“I feel like I’m getting shafted here by the municipal government,” said Beaudry. “They did not take into consideration my status.”

It’s a slightly different case for Martin Dubois, who was planning to develop the piece of land next to the proposed centre. He was planning to build three car dealerships, a hotel and a fast food restaurant.

Now that plan is up in the air.

Dubois said he initially received support from the city for his development, but then both the city and Dubois realized there’s a provincial regulation that stops commercial development so close to recycling centres.

“They had to choose from my project to their project, and they chose their project.”

Rocky start for the plant

This plant is the last of five centres planned as the city gears up to introduce curbside composting across the Island.

However, this is the third proposed location for the centre.

It was first intended for Dorval, but Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport protested based on a concern that an increased bird population could endanger flights.

Then they looked at the St-Michel area of Montreal, but the city’s mayor, Denis Coderre, cancelled that plan when locals complained.

The mayor of Rivière-des-Prairies-Point-aux-Trembles, Chantal Rouleau, was unavailable for comment.