03/25/2015 11:20 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 05:59 EDT

DNTO in Vancouver to feature tales about objects of affection

When CBC's own DNTO host Sook-Yin Lee left Vancouver for Toronto 10 years ago, she brought with her a couple of things that were very near and dear to her.

One is particularly heavy and made of cast-iron, while the other is what Lee calls a "moo moo."

The exact nature of those objects will be revealed on Wednesday night, when DNTO hosts a special live broadcast in Vancouver's York Theatre.

The sold-out event is based on the theme "Objects of Your Affection," and it will feature a night of music and storytelling — something Lee is very passionate about.

"I do feel still so excited and humbled when people stop and open up and tell me what happened to them," she told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.

"Lives are very rich."

Lee says she learned a lot about storytelling from her father, who told many harrowing tales about growing up during the Second World War in the streets of Japanese-occupied Hong Kong.

"He's lived through a lot, and he still has this amazing child's view of the world — very open, trusting, curious," Lee said.

"I learned a lot from him."

Among the storytellers who will speak at Wednesday's show are singer-songwriter Christa Couture and actor and comic Gary Jones. Lee's father Leo Lee will also make a special guest appearance.