03/25/2015 11:58 EDT

Harper Lee Novel Cover Revealed: 'Go Set A Watchman' Art Released By HarperCollins

Fiction and literature fans, behold!

HarperCollins Publishers have released the cover for the highly anticipated new novel by American author Harper Lee.

Entitled "Go Set A Watchman," the novel comes out on July 14, 2015 with a huge first printing of two million copies.

The novel has been selling well through pre-orders from Amazon and Barnes & Noble since it was announced in early February.

The cover features a black tree in the foreground, with a train moving forward in the background; it boasts similar features to the "To Kill A Mockingbird" cover.

Lee is known for Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel "To Kill A Mockingbird," which was published in 1960. Lee hasn't written another novel since then, so the release of "Go Set A Watchman" is generating great interest. At age 88, Lee is nearly blind and deaf after enduring a stroke in 2007, and she has spent her life maintaining that she would never publish another novel.

Some commentators have voiced their concern that perhaps Lee wrote and released this novel under duress, and her physical condition disallows her from going against its publication.

"Go Set a Watchman" unfolds in the 1950s, 20 years after "Mockingbird," as Scout travels to Maycomb to visit her father. Though the characters and backdrop will be familiar to fans of "Mockingbird," there is little overlap between the two novels.


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