03/25/2015 01:49 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 05:59 EDT

LeBron James doesn't get much love from Kevin Love

Kevin Love may have just ignited an already heated debate about the most valuable player award.

Did he show allegiance to teammate and four-time recipient LeBron James? Well, not exactly. 

Love was put on the spot by radio host Dan Patrick to choose whether James or Russell Westbrook is having a better season.

Love, who joined the Cavs via trade in July for the chance to win a ring, gave the nod to Russell Westbrook. 

It is worth pointing out that Love and Westbrook were teammates at UCLA.

A case can be made for either player. Westbrook is averaging close to a triple-double since the all-star break and has carried the Thunder into playoff contention largely without Kevin Durant and other key players. 

James, meanwhile, has been the main reason why the Cavs are once again a championship contender. 

In fairness, Love refers to both stars as MVP-type players, but one of his reasons doesn't quite add up. He mentions the factor of "time spent on court," however Westbrook has actually missed more games than James.

For those keeping score, James did not appear to have his feelings hurt and seemed to agree with Love to some extent. 

"I don't really think too much of it, really," James told ESPN's Dave McMenamin. "I don't really get involved in that. I think the voters are going to decide who is the MVP.

"I think what Russ has been doing, his numbers have been pretty crazy keeping those guys afloat in the West in his play. Steph Curry can make a case, for sure, what he's been doing — James Harden and myself, as well. So, Kevin has his own opinion of who he believes is the MVP. No one should fault him for that."

There is one final nugget to the story. 

Love also told Mike and Mike recently that he and James aren't "best friends" and that his relationship with James, and the rest of his teammates and coaches, is still "evolving."

If it "evolves" into winning a championship, then all parties involved will be feeling the love.