03/25/2015 12:27 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 05:59 EDT

Saskatchewan to make stripping illegal in bars again

After making stripping in bars legal last year, Premier Brad Wall says he wants to reverse course.

Wall announced Wednesday the Saskatchewan Party government will amend the liquor laws, again, to make stripping illegal in bars.

It was only in January 2014, that Saskatchewan ended a decades-long ban on nude dancing in places that serve alcohol.

Under those amended rules, total nudity was still outlawed, but dancers could strip down to pasties.

Now, that change is going to be reversed. The concern is over the exploitation of women in such establishments.

Wall said the government made a mistake allowing partial stripping. He says the links to human trafficking and organized crime are too serious to turn a blind eye.

Wall said the change can be made in a matter of weeks.

Regina City Council recently rejected a proposal for a strip bar in an industrial area after establishing zoning rules. A Christian group applauded the move, although others thought the city had no right to reject a legal business that followed all the rules.

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