03/26/2015 08:33 EDT | Updated 05/26/2015 05:59 EDT

A Promise For Prom gets students glammed up for free

High school students who can't afford to go to prom are getting a helping hand from Rigaud resident Lou-Anne Hood.

The idea for A Promise For Prom began a few months back, when a social worker approached Hood — the co-founder of Rigaud's Community Free Store — about whether she had any prom attire.

"It brought me back to my prom where I myself didn't have money to go and buy a dress and the shoes and the accessories and get your hair done, and it's a whole experience," Hood said on Daybreak Thursday morning.

She is collecting "lightly used" prom dresses, tuxedos, shoes and accessories, and has a deal with a local dry cleaner for pre- and post-prom laundry.

She's also working on partnering up with Rigaud and Hudson hair salons, makeup artists and florists to provide their services for free to students from low-income families, as well.

Hood said she is also collecting formal attire for adults so that they too can attend a formal dinner for this year's graduates.

All donated gear will be lent out for free to students and parents. 

"They'll look like a million bucks and they don't have to worry about a penny," Hood said.

She said people interested in contributing or benefiting from A Promise For Prom can reach her by email or Facebook.