03/26/2015 02:29 EDT | Updated 03/26/2015 02:59 EDT

15 Clever Ways Canadians Said F%&$ Winter And Had Fun Anyway

The longer this winter has dragged on, the more amazingly creative Canadians have become.

So, this winter has been a little ridiculous.

Last month's snowfall in the Maritimes broke records and schools were closed due to snow as recently as Monday, after spring had technically arrived.

Winter has done its damnedest to ensure that Canadians have no fun whatsoever.

But Canadians are nothing if not resilient.

Here are a few ways Canadians have proven that winter could not take their fun away.

They held a dance party on a frozen river.

They gave up waiting for the flowers and made them bloom anyway.

They sat out in the hammock with a nice drink.

They armed themselves for battle.

Photo by Cindy Boyce

And came up with incredible winter games across the country.

Photo courtesy of The Forks

Photo courtesy of The Forks

They used Old Man Winter as a hairstylist.

Photo courtesy of Daphné Dambrine.

Or intimidate them.

They built some of the coolest warming huts we've ever seen ...

And found whole new modes of transportation.

They made a joke out of a horrid season ...

And found funny ways to take revenge.

More than anything, they endured.

So be happy, Canada! And remember: the grass is always greener ... when it's actually showing.

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